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How long does the ginger beer keep?
Upon delivery, the ginger beer growlers will keep for 4 weeks in the refrigerator. 

The 12oz ginger beer bottles, however, can be kept in room temperature and are best enjoyed within 1 year. 

Is there alcohol in the ginger beer?
Nope, all of our ginger beer is non-alcoholic, but it tastes great in a Moscow Mule, Dark 'n' Stormy, or with any of your favorite spirits. We're partial to bourbon. 

Do my ginger beer growlers need to be refrigerated?
Yes, please stash your ginger beer growlers in the refrigerator and not in the pantry.  Because our ginger beer is made with fresh ginger and lemons and we do not add any preservatives, they're perishable and not shelf-stable.  Please keep them refrigerated!

The 12oz ginger beer bottles, however, do not need to be kept refrigerated as they have been pasteurized.  We do recommend that they are served ice cold though!

Is it gluten-free? 
Yes, all of our ginger beers are gluten-free. We guarantee that no wheat were harmed in the brewing process.


Where do you ship?
Nationwide! Because our ginger beer growlers must be shipped cold, we use 2nd Day Air or 2-Day Ground shipping, depending on your location, to get orders to your door. 

If you live in the following states, you'll likely receive your order by 2-Day Ground shipping:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Nevada
  • Arizona 
  • Utah
  • Idaho

Customers who reside in the states not listed above will most likely receive their orders via 2nd Day Air shipping. 

Our 12oz ginger beer bottles are shipped using 2-3 Day shipping nationwide, regardless of your location. 

When are orders processed? When do orders arrive?
We process orders once a week on Tuesdays and orders typically arrive on Thursday the same week, if not sooner. All orders processed on Tuesday must be received by Monday, 11pm PST. We do not ship over the weekend.


How do I edit an order I've placed?
You can modify your order before Monday, 11pm PST by sending an email to drinkgingerlab@gmail.com. Past this cutoff time, we won't be able to accommodate any changes as we have begun preparing your order.

How do I cancel my order?
Please let us know about any cancellations ASAP by sending an email to drinkgingerlab@gmail.com. Past the cutoff time of Monday, 11pm PST, we will have already begun to prepare your order and we will be unable to cancel it.

How do I return my order?
While we don't accept returns of our ginger beer, if there's an issue with your order, we want to hear about it! Please shoot us an email at drinkgingerlab@gmail.com and we'll make it right.