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Hibiscus Brew Growler

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Typically seen in the form of an herbal tea, we thought to ourselves, why not make a hibiscus ginger beer? Slightly sweet and slightly tart, our hibiscus brew has fresh notes of cranberry-lemon and floral aromatics that'll transport you to a tropical paradise.

In Hawaiian culture, a single Hibiscus flower is usually worn by women and depending on which ear it is worn behind, it signals whether or not she is available for marriage.  We're not expecting a marriage proposal, but you gotta try our hibiscus ginger beer!

  • Each growler contains 32oz of non-alcoholic ginger beer, made from fresh ginger and lemon.  No preservatives or flavor extracts are added.
  • Because our ginger beers are made from fresh ginger, there is a spicy kick to it.  You can always add more sparkling water if it's too strong.
  • Enjoy our ginger beers on its own or craft a cocktail with vodka, whiskey, rum, prosecco, pisco etc.  Really, whichever spirit you enjoy the most, we're almost certain it will taste great with any of our brews.
  • These adorable glass stubby bottles are dishwasher safe (the lids are not), so feel free to place them in the dishwasher once you're done enjoying!

Some notes on shipping:

  • All growlers are shipped either 2-Day Air or 2-Day Ground, depending on your location, on Tuesdays. All orders processed on Tuesday must be received by Monday, 11pm PST. 
  • Growlers are shipped in specialized containers, keeping your brew cold and crisp.
  • WEST COAST CUSTOMERS: $20 flat rate per container. Each container fits up to 4 growlers. Additional containers will be added automatically if required.
  • NON-WEST COAST CUSTOMERS: It is most cost-effective to order 4 growlers per order. If you would like more than 4 growlers, please place a separate order. For example, 8 growlers would be 2 separate orders. 
  • All accessories ship for free when accompanied with a brew purchase!