Passionfruit Brew

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Sweet, but with strong tangy undertones, passion fruit, also known as lilikoi in Hawaii, is one of our favorite fruits on the planet.  We've extracted all the black seeds, so you don't have to worry about cracking any teeth :)

  • Each growler contains 32oz of non-alcoholic ginger beer, made from fresh ginger and lemon.  No preservatives or flavor extracts are added.
  • Because our ginger beers are made from fresh ginger, there is a spicy kick to it.  You can always add more sparkling water if it's too strong.
  • Enjoy our ginger beers on its own or craft a cocktail with vodka, whiskey, rum, Prosecco, pisco etc.  Really, whichever spirit you enjoy the most, we're almost certain it will taste great with any of our brews.
  • Our ginger beers are great for easing nausea, upset stomachs, inflammation and digestion - perfect for when you're not feeling your best.
  • These adorable glass stubby bottles are dishwasher safe (the lids are not), so feel free to place them in the dishwasher once you're done enjoying!


  • All brews are shipped via 2 Day delivery.
  • Growlers are shipped in specialized containers, keeping your brew cold and crisp.
  • $20 flat rate per container; fits up to 4 growler bottles.  Additional containers will be added automatically if required.
  • All accessories ship for free when accompanied with a brew purchase!